Evidence Synthesis

PBI conducts high-quality and client-tailored reviews including systematic literature reviews (SLR), targeted literature reviews (TLR), rapid literature reviews, and meta-analysis (MA) as per guidelines (such as PRISMA) for both internal and external submissions. Our team at PBI is experienced at conducting robust search strategies in various medical databases including PubMed, Cochrane, Embase, OVID, PsycINFO, and NHSEED, among others. A meticulous review of literature is helpful across several stages of the product life cycle which includes internal decision making, health technology assessment (HTA) submissions, and economic modeling activities (such as extracting inputs and identifying previous economic evaluations).

  • Burden of illness reviews
    • Epidemiological (Incidence, Prevalence, and Mortality, among Others)
    • Humanistic (Quality of Life, and Disability)
    • Economic (Costs, and Healthcare Resource Utilization, among Others)
  • Clinical reviews
    • Efficacy
    • Safety
  • Real world evidence reviews
    • Effectiveness/ long-term efficacy data
    • Long-term outcomes
    • Adherence/compliance and persistence
    • Treatment patterns
    • Prescription behaviors
  • Methodological Reviews (Includes Utility Mapping Methods, Modeling Techniques, and Strategies, Among Others)
  • Meta-analysis
  • Network meta-analysis (NMA)

We carry out data extractions and screening of publications, previous HTA submissions, and other grey literature. In addition, we can assist in performing a critical quality check of the reviews conducted externally.

Economic Models and Country Adaptations

Our team at PBI develops various types of health economic models to quantify the value and affordability of a pharmaceutical product or medical device for global and country-specific submissions, as per guidelines such as NICE, CADTH, and PBAC, among others.

PBI has expertise in conceptualization, development of models (i.e., de novo financial estimations, running various fit-for-purpose economic models includes cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, budget impact, cost per responder, cost comparison, and cost-offset analysis.

At PBI, we construct early economic models to assist the internal research and development decisions of products in the pipeline by quantifying the value of future research, providing economically justifiable price/ value-based rating, identifying data gaps, and key influencing factors.

We assist pharmaceutical, medical device companies, and healthcare consulting firms in performing adaptations to worldwide/core financial models according to the country or local HTA needs, making updates to the economic models, and incorporating/running various types of scenario and sensitivity analyses including one-way sensitivity, two-way or multiway sensitivity, probabilistic sensitivity, price sensitivity analysis.

In addition, our team at PBI can help clients in verifying and validating the economic models constructed externally, using various techniques such as double programming, pressure sensitivity tests, internal validation, and external validation techniques.

Market Access Support and Value Communication

Creating a value story is the foremost important activity while launching the product in various markets and maximizing product access. Creating a value document entails not only traditional systematic relevant literature reviews in the fields below but mostly a decision-maker or policymaker’s outlook.

Introduction, assessment, therapy, and management of the disease

  • Medical evidence
  • Financial evidence
  • Other secondary evidence (e.g., Well‐being, HTA charges)

PBI helps clients in reviewing, collating, and critiquing the evidence. We use a robust methodology to collect and comprehend all the evidence, as per various HTA requirements. We make certain that the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) documents, Global Value Dossier (GVD), and country-specific documents contain all accessible and pertinent information about the product in question. In addition, we can help companies in articulating the value story and messages that are clear, evidence-driven, and includes perspective of the target audience/stakeholders.

At PBI, we conduct a detailed landscape assessment of previous HTA submissions. This detailed assessment can help our clients to understand HTA practices and preferences along with the following characteristics of the previous submissions.

  • Evidence types used in prior applications
  • Evidence generation techniques and approaches (i.e., medical, financial and humanistic indication)
  • Evidence omissions
  • HTA authorities have questioned the evidence that has been submitted
  • Future Proposal Guidelines

Publication Support

PBI’s team is proficient at publication planning, communicating the value across multiple therapeutic areas, and scientific editing. We can assist our clients in interpreting and communicating the evidence clearly and in an impactful fashion as per the requirement of the journal or conference and target audience.

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Our team at PBI stands out for its knowledge of Health Economics and Outcomes (HEOR). Many of our clients work with us to put HEOR plans in place to support their pharmaceutical products throughout their life cycles. Comprehensive research skills are defined by cutting-edge techniques that rely on various data sources across the world.

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