Drip Irrigation Market By Component (Emitters/Drippers, Pressure Pumps, Drip Tubes/Drip Lines, Valves, Filters, and Fittings & Accessories), By Crop Type (Field Crops, Fruits & Nuts, Vegetable Crops, Other Crops (turf, ornamental, and spice crops)), By Application (Surface and Subsurface), By Emitter Type (Inline and Online), and Geography  

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Drip Irrigation Market size was valued at USD 6,201.5 million in 2021 and is poised to grow at a significant CAGR of 9.2% over 2022–2028. Commercial horticulturists have long sought to optimize profitability by maximizing resource utilization, with precision farming and sustainable agriculture playing a vital role. Farmers are attempting to utilize drip irrigation to boost irrigation efficiency and crop output due to increased production costs. A rise in greenhouse vegetable production is becoming more popular. The drip irrigation systems market is likely to be driven by an expansion in acreage under-protected agricultural systems. Drip irrigation lessens groundwater table depletion and reduces environmental deterioration. It is considered sustainable since the water consumption rate is measured in gallons per hour rather than gallons per minute, reducing evaporation and runoff. The drip irrigation market would benefit from increased awareness, regulatory improvements, and agricultural policy for sustainably produced commodities. Industrial facilities are under increasing pressure to lower overall costs and improve productivity, quality, and safety. So, in order to reduce waste, they have chosen to automate and integrate facilities through the management process where water should contact the roots. Electronic controls that are being implemented in farms nowadays have notably exploited integration with the help of drippers to the utmost degree. Improvements in monitoring status have increased the practicality and affordability of comprehensive irrigation systems. Micro-irrigation acreage has increased by 25 times in the last three decades, according to a census done by the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage. Drip irrigation systems have seen significant improvements, particularly in poor nations, due to their relatively inexpensive purchase and installation costs. Micro-irrigation is also benefiting from water flow meters, which can reduce expenses by reducing overwatering. As water resources decrease, accuracy in data on irrigation water consumption will become increasingly vital, due to advances in soil sensors. In addition, the launch of new software solutions will aid in analyzing large volumes of data, providing farmers with crucial information such as data on local weather and equipment operation, allowing for a better understanding of water requirements and eliminating waste. Recent Market Developments: In June 2020, Lindsay Corporation announced the acquisition of Net Irrigate, LLC (US), an agriculture Internet of Things technology company that provides remote monitoring solutions for irrigation customers. The acquisition would help the company to enhance its irrigation technology offering. In May 2020, The Toro Company launched clog-resistant drip tape, Toro Aqua-Traxx Azul drip tape. The drip tape offers a filter inlet design and optimized flow passages that pass-through debris to maximize clog resistance and product performance.

Global Drip Irrigation Market Summary

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Drip Irrigation Market Dynamics

The drip irrigation market will be driven by the popularity of drip irrigation among producers for its exact application to crops, which can be ascribed to government initiatives and financial institution support, worldwide water constraint, and technological innovation. In recent years, new technologies have resulted in a few excellent goods. Rivulis Irrigation announced the debut of a new drip irrigation system in August 2019. According to the company, 'Manna,' a satellite-based software solution, will be utilized in drip irrigation systems. The company's most recent product will significantly impact market growth in the following years. on the other hand, due to the initial investment is significant, drip irrigation systems are not cost-effective for low-value crops. Drip irrigation equipment costs vary depending on the crop, area, soil, water conditions, fertigation equipment, and filtration equipment.

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Global Drip Irrigation Market Segmentation

By component
  • Emitters/Drippers
  • Pressure Pumps
  • Drip Tubes/Drip Lines
  • Valves
  • Filters
  • Fittings & Accessories
Crop Type
  • Field Crops
  • Fruits & Nuts
  • Vegetable Crops
  • Other Crops (turf, ornamental, and spice crops)
By Application
  • Surface
  • Subsurface

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The drip irrigation market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 9.2% during the forecast period

Guccio Gucci S.p.A., The Swatch Group Ltd., Richemont, Tiffany & Co., GRAFF, Louis Vuitton SE

Europe is the fastest-growing region for drip irrigation market

  • Lindsay Corporation
  • Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.
  • Rivulis Irrigation Ltd.
  • Rain Bird Corporation
  • Sistema Azud
  • Netafim Limited
  • The Toro Company
  • Elgo Irrigation Ltd.
  • Chinadrip Irrigation Equipment Co. Ltd.
  • Metzer Group
  • Antelco Pty Ltd.