Holographic Imaging devices produce a 3D image of objects by recording the split beam of light from laser. The holographic Imaging Market helps healthcare professionals to keep their diagnosis infection-free and providing a healthy diagnosis. The recorded interference enables to view real 3D image. The existing 3D technologies like 3D rotational angiography, 3D-CT, and 3D-ultrasound revolutionized medicine allow the doctors to observe patient’s anatomy without any incisions. Holographic systems collect the data from MRI and CT scans and convert into 3-D visualizations and finally creates a virtual object in the actual 3-dimensional space. Holographic imaging helps to examine heart conditions and colon cancer without cutting the skin. Medical holography images are in high resolution to help to reveal complex, potential information which is unexplored in the alternative conventional imaging.

For instance, Zebra Imaging, a renowned Texas-based holographic imaging industry player, has developed the ZScape holographic motion display, a technology that is designed to produce true holograms. The company has partnered with the Zygote Media Group with an intention of getting this technology commercialized and deployed at major medical schools across the United States. The rise in clinical applications of holography imaging in the healthcare industry also boosting the market growth. For instance, in January 2014, real view imaging completed the clinical study using the 3D hologram of a beating heart to help the surgeon operate the patient. In November 2016, Holoxica Limited launched holographic 3-Dimensional digital atlas prototype of human anatomy for the neuroscience medical experts an insight into the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of neurological disorders. In July 2015, Phase Holographic Imaging entered into a collaboration agreement with University of California, San Francisco (USCF), to enhance the ongoing skin cancer research process by incorporating Holomonitor. In August 2014, Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) entered into a collaboration agreement with Northeastern University of Boston and provide its Holomonitor technology


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