Hot Rolled Pickled And Oiled  Market: By Type (Sulfuric Acid Oil and Hydrochloric Acid Oil), by Application (Automobile, Mechanical, and Others), and By Geography

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Hot Rolled Pickled And Oiled Market size was valued at USD 2,537.8 million in 2021 and is poised to grow at a significant CAGR of 6.7% over 2022–2028. The manufacturer may prefer -Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled (HRPO) Coil over Hot Rolled Coils and Cold Rolled Coils because it is an input raw material. Due to its distinctive qualities, HRPO offers a significant deal of promise for application in producing galvanized steel pipes. Since HRC was only available above 2mm thickness and CRC was the only material accessible below 2mm thickness when cold rolled-coils were first utilized to construct pipes, producers had no choice but to use CRC. After several years of development, HRC was finally available in thicknesses ranging from 1.2 mm to 2 mm; as a result, producers switched from CRC to HRC to realize significant cost reductions of $50 to $55 per metric tonne. Furthermore, a new product known as HRPO entered the market with ongoing improvements and developments. It was the same HRC but had been further treated with pickling and oiling to provide additional benefits, and it quickly attracted the interest of about 70% of the manufacturers because it was readily adaptable and most suitable for various applications. Since the surface scales of iron oxides are eliminated throughout the production process to match the finished finish, HRPO had a superior surface quality to HRC. Better weldability, which prevents weld failures along the way and significantly reduces rework costs and scrap, is another benefit of HRPO material. Because of its superior quality and in-house manufacturing method, HRPO also lessens the potential for unevenness. As a result, it works well for most uses since it offers more strength, and the material also responds favorably to galvanizing. Increased shelf life and higher corrosion resistance come from the zinc coating's excellent surface finish and improved appearance of the finished product. Additionally, the key players focusing on manufacturing divisions are being expanded by key businesses to meet the expanding demand. For instance, in October 2020, to boost the steel's production capacity, ArcelorMittal (Luxembourg) purchased Essar Steel India Ltd. Additionally, a joint venture between ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steels introduced the Stallion brand of hot-rolled pickled and oiled steel. The stallion will be offered in a selection of custom sizes and several finishes, including black or pickled and oiled. Therefore, all of these factors are anticipated to positively impact the growth of the hot-rolled pickled and oiled market during the anticipated period. Recent Market Developments: In July 2021, the Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) announced that the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) program would distribute USD 905.25 million in discretionary grants to 24 projects in 18 states.

Hot Rolled Pickled And Oiled Market Summary

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Asia Pacific

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North America
Hot Rolled Pickled And Oiled Market Dynamics

Scales left over from cooling from incredibly high temperatures can be seen on the surface of hot-rolled steel. However, particular uses for hot-rolled steel call for a smooth, even surface. These scales are removed off the surface of hot-rolled steel during the pickling process using water and other inorganic solutions. Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Steel, the process' output, is scale-free and perfect for applications requiring a clean, uniform surface and exceptional flatness. The main benefit or goal of pickling and oiling the steel is strengthening its protective qualities, particularly against rust. Thus, these advantages and benefits encourage the market's growth by increasing the consumption of hot-rolled pickled and oiled steel consumption in end-use industries. However, consuming a lot of steel materials and acids and waste acids & iron may restraint the market growth.

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Hot Rolled Pickled And Oiled Market Segmentation

By Type
  • Sulfuric Acid Oil
  • Hydrochloric Acid Oil
By Application
  • Automobile
  • Mechanical
  • Others
By Geography
  • North America
  • Europe
  • The Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • MEA

Frequently Asked Questions

The hot rolled pickled and oiled market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 6.7% during the forecast period

Amerex, Big River Steel, Metaltech Products, Posco, Kloeckner Metals, HYUNDAI STEEL, ArcelorMittal, Sahaviriya Steel Industries

North America is the fastest-growing region for hot rolled pickled and oiled market

  • Grand Steel
  • Impact Steel
  • BSi Steel
  • Salzgitter Mannesmann International
  • Amerex
  • Big River Steel
  • Metaltech Products
  • Posco
  • Kloeckner Metals
  • ArcelorMittal
  • Sahaviriya Steel Industries
  • Koddaert
  • HRPO
  • Stock Car Steel