Breast cancer is characterized by the abnormal multiplication of the breast cells that will form lumps, which may be nonmalignant or malignant in nature. Such abnormal breast cells usually form tumors, which may often observe on x-ray. Breast cancer occurs commonly in woman above 40 years of age and often it can be seen in men also. For the early detection of the lumps or lesions, various methods are used. Breast lesion localization methods are used to detect the nonpalatable suspicious breast lesions during the biopsy. Breast lesion localization procedures are used to locate abnormalities in the breasts, such as a lump or tumour. Breast lumps are common among women of all ages. The surgeon must choose an appropriate localization method based on a variety of considerations, including the patient’s average age, the length of the procedure, its effectiveness, the cost of surgery, its safety, and its convenience of use.


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